toonsUp - Netiquette


Here at toonsUp, we welcome all sorts of styles that the comic universe can offer. We don't set any limitations (e.g. only manga art) like other platforms do. This is in fact one of our main qualities on this community website, because that way, people and artists of all different areas come together. And by interaction, people learn from each other, get inspiration and have the chance to expand their personal horizon. But those possibilities also call for a guideline - for the sake of keeping good company. Our rules are as follows:


Honest and well-meant critique is most welcome at toonsUp! A platform where people merely praise each other sky-high is limiting any kind of personal development.
However, comments shall not be offensive, degrading or hostile. Cusswords are to be avoided, except for the case that you know the person very well and you're positive that he or she has no problem with that.
Careful with irony! With a one-way interaction as commenting on the internet, ironical comments can easily be misleading. They may irritate the reader if the text is considered ambiguous. Be clear about your point and mark ironical comments with a smiley ;-).
Try to avoid posting short comments such as "Grand!" or "this toon sucks, LOL" as they don't help anyone. You can deliver your statement via the rating system as well, if you can't find any words. When commenting, try to give useful tips and hints such as mentioning what you like or dislike about it. This can be very valuable for the artist.
It is absolutely normal to dislike a certain style or artist. But personal battles should not be fought out on a art comment page or a forum thread, because they are always public and can be read by any visitor on toonsUp. Try to discuss personal topics via e-mail.
Every artist can mark comments about him or his art as inappropriate. By doing so, an admin can still see the comment, but others can't.
This is because some artists may use their toonsUp profile as a personal homepage or as an online portfolio to present their work to potential customers. A negative comment may be inconvenient for the artist in thatcase.
The artist can also delete comments on his art work or in his guestbook if needed.
Before you post a comment, read about the artist first. Check out the profile and consider age, sex and personal background in your comment.
Artists new to toonsUp should be treated especially careful. You don't know how this person may react on (possibly harsh) criticism. Afterall, we don't want to lose people by having them discouraged right away.
Posts and comments which offend these terms may be deleted by an admin and the writer will be informed about his/her offence. On repeated violation of our terms, a user may be muted, blocked or even banned.


Our rating system employs giving stars on a scale from 0 to 5. Please consider that 0 stars should only be given in case you feel that the work completely lacks quality, skilled technique and meaning. It's not right to give 0 stars if the work merely doesn't go with your personal taste, while it can be considered well done. Instead, please rate with 1 or 5 stars, depending on your fair judgement. Please always consider finding a good aspect in a work.
It is restricted to make "revenge ratings" - going through the galleries of an artist and rating all his stuff with 0 stars to "pay him back".
Furthermore, it is restricted to create additional accounts for posting multiple ratings.


All art fitting into categories such as comic, cartoon, caricature, illustration and painting are perfect for being uploaded on toonsUp. Works from different areas (e.g.: fine arts, photography, collages and others) are also welcome assuming that they aren't completely off topic. All other art such as photos of textile design, dance performances, theatre shows or private photos shall be uploaded in the category "private". They show up in the gallery of the user, but aren't represented on the start page.
As an artist, please put your work in the right category. Keep in mind: A single drawing that lacks either punchline or joke may not be considered a "cartoon". Comics, in general, consist of several, interconnected panels that deliver a certain point or story ("sequential art").
Consider applying the other categories as well. That way, you make it easy for the reader to find your work and it will eventually be seen by more people, too.

For any questions, please contact the admins or moderators. They will be willing to help you with any kind of issue.
And now, have fun on toonsUp! :-)